Supervised and Managed General refurbishment, IT and Electrical maintenance works on following sites,

Kamengo, Bundibugyo,Rwebishengo, Kwenge, Bwizibwera, and all sites in Eastern & Northern region. The works done included; -Equipment room painting,

Equipment room floor resurfacing tiles & Nil, container cleaning,

Generator servicing & repairs, Barbed wire

fence     painting,     Hedge     trimming     & gazetting, Tower re-painting, Replacement of Navigation lights,Site access road building, maintenance & repairs, Electrical power installations, Installation of surveillance systems- Alarms/Cameras, RF Configuration & installation, AC Installations & servicing, DC Batteries replacement, CB Installations & other voltage regulators, BLC Connections,TX,RX & Earth cable        resealing,        replacements         & repairs, Outdoor & indoor site illumination service & repairs, Tower construction & Erection.