Core Network Installation & Maintenance

Core Network Installation & Maintenance

  • Turnkey Projects for Copper & Fiber Optics Networks.
  • Supply of all Construction materials and Equipments
  • OFC Installation/Maintenance services
  • Construction & Renovation for Exchange buildings.
  • BTS, BSC, MSC, IN, PDSN and billing system for both CDMA and GSM networks.
  • CDMA & GSM Systems Installation and Maintenance.
  • Microwave Radio links.
  • Broadband Wireless Access network.
  • Free space optical links.
  • Radio and TV Transmitters.
  • Installation of feeder cables.
  • Installation of rectifiers, battery banks and UPS.
  • Access System Implementation.
  • MSAN Services Installation and maintenance.
  • Turnkey preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Installation of power system and air conditioning.
  • Installation of Solar / Wind generators & DEGs.
  • Wiring of telecommunication shelters.
  • Supply and installation of air conditioners.
  • Installation(CDMA,2G,3G,WIMAX)

In addition to the above telecom works, NICC can also do the following services,

  • Installation of BTS activities which Includes BTS Antenna system installation,

BTS integration to BSC, Equipment Installation and commissioning for both

indoor & outdoor works, FEP cutting, finishing, sealing, jumper routine, connectorisation and termination etc.

  • Installation of Copper Cables of all sizes which involves outside plant buried-

Duct infrastructure construction{Trenching/Excavation,  canalization, manhole construction, Laying of Pipes, Bridge Crossing, etc}

  • Underground optical fiber cable installation of all sizes involving both Fiber to the home works and fiber to the building works even long haul fiber installation plus civil works like trenching/excavation, way leave access, site Surveying and route designing etc.
  • Over Head/Aerial Optic Fiber Installation including Pole Planting and Erection, hole excavation, pole dressing & Plumbing(installing all the required accessories like pole caps, pole signs, suspension clamps, tension clamp, dead ends, etc), Stay installation.
  • Installation, commissioning and decommissioning of Wimax Base station for both indoor units (for 19’ rack installation within an equipment cabin) and self contained (including power and HVAC) outdoor cabinets.
  • Installation of Microwaves radio Link of all frequencies and all sizes and commissioning of FIU/RR/EITI, Earthling of Rack, IF as per site engineer instruction and Alignment of Microwave to achieve required level.
  • Tower Construction (Green Field and Roof Top Towers) including site surveys, foundation design, civil works, tower erecting, structural analysis in case of roof top, soil testing as per IS codes, non destructive tests to ascertain building strength etc.
  • Installation of all conversion equipment, External wiring from change over switch to DG and to ACDB, supply and installation of Aviation lights and cable, Generator & UPS installation, Air Conditioning installation, BS power backup, etc.
  • BTS Commissioning including preparing the BT 3002 cable from BTS to DDF Block with T43 socket at end and T43 plug at the DDF end, VSWR test of antenna using site Master test Equipment, NMS cable Termination as per requirement etc.
  • Site Implementation, Transmission and Maintenance works, etc.

The core network installation & Maintenance tools used are:

  • Splicing Machine
  • OTDR Machine
  • Site master