About us

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About Us

ONICC was established in 2014 under number 193191 by the Registrar of Companies of the Republic of Uganda, created to offer solutions to rapidly expanding business opportunities in areas of Telecommunications/IT, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering the region. Headquartered and licensed in Uganda, its shareholders have over 10 years of combined experience in the global market of Businesses, project planning, Project management and operational excellence. At ONICC we are constantly developing our breadth of expertise by maintaining speed without compromising quality, standards, professionalism and working closely with our Clients. We are committed to true Values with the right Products and services for the right Job, backed up by warranty, services and technical support. We Endeavour in building lucrative relationships with our Clients to facilitate their Needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the most innovative service provider/supplier striving for exceptional services in this era of science and technology on the globe.

Strategy/ Mission

It is our mission to get close to the business of our clients, understand the issues that affect their success and the issues that set them apart, to facilitate us come up with conclusive solutions that will finally contribute to our customer satisfaction.

Legal Status

ONICC was registered as a limited Liability Company in 2014. Herein are copies of the certificate of Incorporation, TIN Registration Certificate and Trading license.


To provide products and services to our Clients which are incentive, relevant and provide inventive solutions, unparalleled expertise for them to realize value for their money.